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Description .dipendra.triviavision w131


This app is designed in such a way that it can read the screen andlook for text (primarily question and potential options) and makesearches to help you guess the most probable answer. Possible usecases could be that you could use it with most if not all of thetrivia apps out there in the market. It works by analyzing thecontent shown in the screen by performing optical characterrecognition. So it works very reliably across variety of screencontents. For each app you want to target, create a profile forthem and use it in subsequent games. Depending on the type of appyou are targeting, while creating profile, if possible alwaysspecify question and option area separately to reduce chance ofmistakes. It uses 2 search engines to make searches. You can changethat in Settings. Settings screen is for advanced users who wantmore accuracy at the cost of most probably being blocked by searchengine after few searches. However, it fallbacks to fallback searchengine in that case. So not much to worry. It makes 2 searches perclick 1. Searches with question only (More trustworthy) 2. Searcheswith everything it can see(question and all 3 options) (Trustworthybut not as much as 1) In those 2 searches, the app tries to findthe occurrence of option words in the search result and tries toguess the answer. Having said that, do not install this app if youare under impression to get 100% correct answers. The accuracy sofar I have found is above 70%. Don’t blindly trust the app. If youknow the answer, then you are most probably correct. Use it’ssuggestion only in case you have no clue what the answer is.

Screenshot 20191015 162934.    Screenshot 20191015 162939

App Information Trivia Helper

  • Publish Date: 2019-10-15
    Latest Version: 2.0.11
    Get it on: gp logo
    Requirements: Android 4.1+

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