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March 15, 2020
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Text Analyzer is a simple to use text analyzing tool for counting words, characters, sentences, and paragraphs in your text that you can type, paste, or just take a picture of it. Moreover, get reading speed, overall sentiment of the text, entity analysis with wikipedia links, syntax and morphological analysis, synonym recommendations, download nicely structured pdf of the analysis.

To analyze the photos, we use Machine Learning Kit provided by Google to analyze the text from the image.

This app is designed to increase your productivity and make your life easy. The app is an effective tool to analyze your essay paper before submitting or for any other platforms that do require the word limit.

Snap a photo of your text and get a detailed breakdown

Syntax and Morphological Analysis
Detailed syntax analysis of each word and relation of each word towards the text

Entity Analysis
Extracts names and places from your text and generates a wikipedia link to them and shows how important each entity to the text

Calculates overall sentiment of your text, if its negative or positive

Real-time Count
Counts words, sentences, and etc as you type

Copy paste
Copy and paste the text

Count as you type
Get the real-time count of words, characters, sentences, or paragraphs while you type

Saves all of your analyses in the archive for later access

PDF version
Save the analysis result in pdf format into your phone or cloud

Detailed Statistics
– Synonyms
– Reading time between different levels
– Number of unique words and their frequencies
– Average length of words and sentences
– Graph Normal Distribution of words
– Text difficulty level
– Text uniqueness

The app is fully translated into English, Russian, and Spanish; however, it can be used with any language that uses Latin or Cyrillic based alphabets.

What's new

- NEW FEATURE: Compare two texts to check the overall similarity score between them
- More UI bugs and inconsistencies fixed
- Cheers mates, stay healthy and thirsty for all precious things in this life