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SD Card Test Pro V1.8.2 For Android


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Use the best SD card test tool! Test the speed of internal or external storage!
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Easy to use even for beginners. Quick tests.

SD Card Test Pro Highlighted features:

  •  Measure the speed of your external (removable) SD card
  •  Measure the speed of your internal storage
  •  Verify written data: damaged or fake card detection
  •  Read/write tests using several different combinations.
  •  Customized benchmarks
  •  Detecting storage type and class
  •  Supporting several file systems like ext4, exFAT or FAT/FAT32.
  •  Support portable and adoptable storage as well

The tests are not destructive, but can consume a lot of space temporary during the measurement.

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How to use it:

  • First select the storage type you want to test it. You can choose between internal or external storage.
  • If the app could not detect any SD card, then it will display a “Storage cannot be detected” message, but you are still able to browse it manually (if there is sd card in your device).
  • After you selected the storage type, choose between write and read test, but firstly always run a write test.
  • On the first tab (Dashboard), you can see the speed on the speedometer while on the Visualization tab, you can check the current and average speed on the graph.
  • After the test is finished, on the Results tab you can check the details like processed data, storage path, runtime or speed.
  • Furthermore, here the app will detect the type of your internal storage (like eMMC or UFS version) and will detect the class for the SD card (like Class 10, UHS-I U1, V10).

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Important thing that the app will do these calculation based on the speed, thus it needs at least 4 GB of read or written data and at least 10 seconds of run time, otherwise the result can be misleading.
Finally, you can share the results easily with one-button method.

For professional people:

  • In the Settings panel, you can adjust the size of the file(s) to read/write, you can change the number of the files (between 1-10).

Good to know:

  • if the sd card uses FAT/FAT32 file system, the maximum file size can be 4 GB, don’t set it higher instead use more files. If you want to use bigger files, format the sd card to exFAT (mostly you can do it using a computer, and don’t forget older mobiles do not support it).
  • If the sd card is formatted as adoptable storage, the app may unable to access it directly. In that case either move the app to the adoptable storage (change the install storage), or format the storage as portable storage.


  • Android 10 support
  • Maintenance fixes

          Developer :Zoltán Pallagi        Released:04-03-17                   Updated:29-10-19

          Latest Version :1.8.2                Get it on :    Requirements :5.0+

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