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BatteryGuru V1.1 For Android


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BatteryGuru monitors and help you optimizing battery health & performance with tips to prolong battery life and increase its lifespan.

BatteryGuru contains four sections:


  • Section dedicatet for battery stats including charge/discharge percentage and estimated time for full charge/discharge.
  • Section also provide info about awake and deep sleep time of the device.

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  • At protection section you can set reminders for battery temperature and charging limits. As we know those are two unwanted factors who degrade our batteries. Use suggested protectors to prolong your battery life and keep it in nice condition.

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  • Health section contain useful tips for saving our beloved battery, everything is well described and “human readable”.

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  • Save section contains saving modes, two of them are already managed and unchangeable, while one remains customizable. Manualy managed mode automatically reads device current state.

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BatteryGuru doesn’t require root, access to privacy-sensitive information and won’t show false info to user.



  • Charging records
  • That will tell users how they charged their device.
  • Normal charge is when they regulary charge their device for at least 10 percent.
  • Healthy charge means that they perform a charge based on batteryGuru guidelines if they start charge when battery is few percents less than 20% and charge till 90% max for at least 50%
  • Overcharged is when they charge their battery longer than 8hoursand yeah, it’ll hold info for up to 3 months.

Changelog v1.1

  • Updated negative time for awake time
  • Added other section
  • Added charging indicator
  • Added splash screen
  • Fixed issue with brightness on saving profiles
  • Updated audio switch, do not do anything if Do not disturb is enabled
  • Added battery draining reminder
  • Added charging records
  • Added removable tips
  • Fixed some app issues
  • Updated dependencies
  • Improved code

             Developer :Paget96               Released:13-10-19                   Updated:30-10-19

    Latest Version : 1.1          Get it on :    Requirements : 5.1+

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