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NeuroNation – Focus and Brain Training v3.3.8 For Android


With NeuroNation scientific brain training you bring your brain day by day on trot. Whether it’s weaker memory, dwindling concentration or thinking too slowly – only 15 minutes of training a day can make problems disappear and give your brain new momentum. Join the worldwide community of over 15 million members and treat yourself to a piece of science – right in your pocket.

Why doing brain training with Neuronation?

  •  OUTSTANDING EFFECTIVENESS: NeuroNation’s brain training has been awarded the AOK Leonardo Health Prize for Digital Prevention sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Health.
  • DIFFERENT EFFECTS: Various studies have repeatedly proven this: With brain training, you can improve your memory, noticeably reduce stress and the resulting risk of depression, increase your thinking speed and concentration and even reduce the risk of dementia by up to 48%.
  •  PERSONALIZATION: NeuroNation performs a comprehensive analysis of your strengths and potentials and creates a personal training plan for you that exactly meets your needs.

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  •  CHANGE AND BALANCE: With 17 exercises on 250 levels you get a varied and motivating training for a balanced promotion of your brain.
  • SCIENTIFIC BASIS: In a study conducted by NeuroNation together with the Department of General Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin, the effectiveness of NeuroNation memory training was proven.
  •  DETAILED PROGRESS ANALYSIS: Thanks to many years of experience and many millions of users, we can give you the opportunity to follow your progress closely and interpret it correctly according to your comparison group.
  • FUN AND MOTIVATION: Get together with friends, compare your results, train for a race and blast the old boundaries of your brain together.
  •  AND MUCH MORE: Already 15,000,000 members worldwide train your brain with NeuroNation. Join our community and convince yourself of the brain training of the latest generation.


  •  Comprehensive training program with 17 motivating exercises
  •  Full personalization according to your wishes, strengths and potentials
  •  Regular publication of new exercises and courses
  •  Comprehensive customer support and quick help with questions


FOCUS: “Healthy adults can use it to increase their intelligence and delay dementia.”
WELT/N24: “Cognitive training has been awarded by the Federal Ministry of Health and offers 60 exercises developed with scientists”.
Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Travelling by car is not only physically demanding, but also mentally. And if the driver’s attention and reaction capacity diminish, the risk of an accident increases. Brain training enables drivers to take countermeasures in good time.”

Download the app now and stay fit – for the rest of your life!



Dear NeuroNation users,

by popular demand we’ve made your training even more efficient: The more you level up in the exercises, the faster the animations will run, so that you save time!

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