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USB Audio Player PRO V5.3.1 For Android

|Music & Audio|

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High quality media player supporting USB audio DACs and HiRes audio chips found in the latest phones. Play up to any resolution and sample rate that the DAC supports! All popular and less popular formats are supported, including wav, flac, mp3, m4a and DSD.

USB Audio Player PRO app is a must-have for every audiophile, bypassing all audio limits of Android. Whether you use our custom USB audio driver for USB DACs, our HiRes driver for internal audio chips or the standard Androi driver, this app is one of the highest quality media players around.

USB Audio Player PRO Features:

  • Plays wav/flac/ogg/mp3/DSD/SACD/aiff/aac/m4a/ape/cue/etc. files (even 24-bit and 32-bit).
  •  Supports a USB audio DAC connected by an OTG cable (if your Android device supports USB host mode)
  • Plays natively up to 32-bit/384kHz or any other rate/resolution your USB DAC supports by completely bypassing the Android audio system. Other Android players are limited to 16-bit/48kHz, even on Android 5 and higher.
  • Utilizes HiRes audio chips found on some high-end phones (LG V10, V20, V30, Samsung S6, S7, OnePlus 3, Fiio X5/X7, Pioneer XDP, etc.) to play HiRes audio at 24-bit without resampling! Bypasses the Android resampling limits!
  • Using the HiRes driver, MQA can now be decoded by the hardware on the LG V30
  • DSD-over-PCM and native DSD playback and DSD-to-PCM conversion if the DAC does not support DSD (.dff/.dsf files)
  • Toneboosters MorphIt Mobile: improve the quality of your headphones and simulate over 160 headphone brands and models, a unique feature not available anywhere else on the Play Store! (in-app purchase required)
  • Folder playback
  • UPnP media renderer (for example, stream from Google Music in combination with BubbleUPnP)
  • UPnP content server
  • Network playback using Samba shares (should work with Windows and NAS)
  • Stream audio from Google Music, Tidal, Qobuz and Shoutcast
  • Gapless playback
  • Bit perfect playback
  • Replay gain
  • Sample rate conversion (if your DAC doesn’t support the audio file’s sample rate, it will be converted to a higher sample rate if available or the highest if not available)
  • 10-band equalizer (can be turned off)
  • No root required!
  • Software and hardware volume control (when applicable)
  • Upsampling (optional)
  • scrobbling


An in-app purchase of around 1.99 euro is needed for the advanced parametric EQ from effect vendor ToneBoosters and around 3.29 euro for MorphIt (country dependent).

Warning: this is not a generic driver, you can only playback from within this app. It is not possible to use your USB audio device using this software with other apps!

Android 5+ users: although Android itself has a driver that supports some USB DACs, it will play in lower resolution, lower volume and will usually perform unnecessary sample rate conversion. You will still need this app to enjoy the highest quality!

Please have a look here for a list of tested devices and more information on how to connect a USB audio device:

For more information on our HiRes driver and compatibility list:

If you are more interested in recording, please see our app USB Audio Recorder PRO:
or Audio Evolution Mobile

Make sure to connect your audio device BEFORE starting USB Audio Player PRO. If your Android device does not supply enough power, please try a powered USB hub.

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Just a selection of our supported DACs:

  • Audioquest Dragonfly
  • Centrance Dacport LX / HiFi M8
  • FiiO E7/E10/E17/E18
  • HRT Microstreamer
  • Ibasso
  • iFi nano iDSD / micro iDAC
  • M2TECH
  • Meridian Explorer
  • NuForce uDAC / Icon HDP
  • NwAvguy ODAC

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Please contact us by email at to report any issues so we can solve them quickly!


  • Added HiRes support for the iBasso DX160 and Nokia 6.1
  • Added support for Samsung/AKG earbuds.
  • Improved file browsing speed.
  • Added sample rate 384000Hz to several LG’s
  • Added support for local m3u files containing http references.


  • You Need Modded google play store to bypass License verification in new version

Developer :eXtream Software Development    Released:24-12-13        Updated:01-11-19

Latest Version :5.3.1         Get it on :    Requirements :4.0+


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