BlackPlayer EX (Patched) Apk + Mod v20.61

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June 15, 2021
Varies with device
Varies with device

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Download BlackPlayer EX Premium Mod Apk

Download BlackPlayer EX Premium Pro Apk Mod removes the Ads to focus on what matters the most, music. Includes tons of extra premium features. Of course all of the excellent features of BlackPlayer Free is also included in this music player. Make your own interface with the customization found in the Settings menu.

Music has always been one of the arts that can help us to entertain and relax. After hard working days, you can relax with soothing music. When you are too depressed and in a bad mood, you can listen to music to refresh your feeling. In our lives, music has an indispensable role. With the advancement of technology today, you can listen to music on any platform. You can listen to music online or download it to your phone. If you are too bored with the music player on your device, Download BlackPlayer EX Premium Pro Apk Mod will bring you innovation.

BlackPlayer EX Music Player is a music player and integrates many different functions. Currently, the application is available on Google Play and is a paid one. Even so, many people use it. Simultaneously, the application still received a considerable amount of installation and received positive feedback from users. This shows that they were satisfied with it during use.

This application has a simple and user-friendly interface. The application’s color and theme can be changed according to your preference. At the same time, you can try to change the color and appearance creatively. Surely there will be unexpected results and all in the Settings section. To ensure the user experience and solve their problems, producers have provided them with a link. In it, you can find out what you are wondering about as well as the problem you are having with the application. Also, for it, there’s a community where you can talk to them about many things.

Unique functions of BlackPlayer EX Music Player

There is a music player, so this application’s main role is to store and manage music tracks. You can view all of your music in the library, and you can perform various operations. You can add great music, remove tracks you don’t want to hear, and rearrange them. Music listeners always use this. When there is a new song, they add to the playlist. You create an album where there are many songs on the same theme.

Powerful searching system

Besides, you can easily search for your own music according to your needs. In this application, there will be a filter to help you do just that. With simple searches, you can find the song or artist you want. In case your library has too many different songs, this function becomes useful and optimizes the search function. Besides, you can rearrange the gallery by adjusting the album size as well as each artist’s photo. Download BlackPlayer EX Premium Pro Apk Mod This allows you to browse for more songs or artists.

Added lyrics attract you to the screen

At the same time, during listening to music, the song can include lyrics so you can sing along if you want. This is a positive thing that any music listener would expect. After stressful hours they can try relaxing by listening to music and singing along to the song. This can be considered as one of the effective stress relief methods. It’s great that you can sing and listen to the music you love. Besides, a function that needs attention is being able to view the lyrics and edit them. You can review the lyrics and edit them to match the official lyrics. This allows you to listen to music while keeping track of the lyrics.

Support all content, all type of files

You notice that BlackPlayer EX Music Player can support many music files other than mp3 like FLAC and WAV. This makes it possible for the listener to listen to the music in case the music they like is not in mp3 format. On top of that, a unique feature you also need to pay attention to is that you can adjust your songs through Equalizer. You can change some song elements such as increasing or decreasing the bass, Left / Right sound balance, etc. You can adjust elements of the song to suit your preferences better. This helps you have a great experience with the music you love.

BlackPlayer EX Music Player is a unique and useful music player that makes your music listening experience even easier. With a library arrangement for interface adjustments, the application becomes more user-friendly and tailored to your preferences. At the same time, adjusting some of the elements in the song has been so easy!

Download BlackPlayer EX Music Player (Patched) Apk + Mod

What's new

20.58 - April 2
- NEW Top navigation bar design. Switch back to old design in Interface settings.
- Updated Dark design of all (long press dialog) popup windows.
- Added option to show filename as Title for the Folder view.
- Improvements to Multi-Artist support, Playlist importing and sorting.
- Various small design updates.
- ... read all changes in the changelog!