X Survive: Crafting & Building

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X Survive: Crafting & Building Sandbox V1.22 For Android


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Crafting and building survival sandbox game for creators just in your pocket! Beautiful open world waiting for you to explore, craft and build futuristic structures using wide range of modern construction blocks. Discover mind boggling graphics and cool physics of game world without any boundaries.

Survival game without grinding is about building things, what would highly intelligent species mind to do after unfortunate landing on uninhabited island? Yes, go grab all tools in their possession and craft modern city or at least cool villa using modular blocks system from future! Welcome to pocket sandbox game with fast crafting and building game play!


  • Unimaginable and powerful equipment let you do crafting and building extremely fast. All you need is to find right resources, activate pocket 3D printer, craft all necessary blocks and apply your creative mind to make city of your dream.

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  • Change sandbox game environment the way you like! Build awesome structures high above the ground. After crafting all necessary parts, begin from simple house but don’t stop, unveil your inner architect and create high-rise villa with terraces, cool furniture and swimming pools, your survival crafting library will grow with your level. Even building highways for your electrical vehicle is possible! Create modern futuristic city on this god forbidden island.

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  • Dig tunnels and do all sorts of terraforming, it’s required to get right craft resources hidden underneath the sand and it’s extremely fun process to change sandbox game world around you. All these cool survival opportunities fit in your pocket!

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  • This place is welcoming except some aggressive wild life forms you can eventually meet. Level up and you can defend yourself with freezing gun to cool down aggressive creatures. Avoid zombie mobs at night, number one survival rule is to build shelter high above the ground.

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Time to be creator! We are waiting for your design, post it using game camera mode with hashtag #xsurvive and we will feature best of it on our social media


  • 500+ NEW building parts
  • FULL crafting system rework
  • 3 awesome vehicles
  • NEW game modes and much more


  • Unconditional manufacturing
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         Developer :freesquaregames               Released:26-03-18                Updated:03-11-19

Latest Version :1.22       Get it on :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freesquaregames.xsurvive    Requirements :5.1+

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