WorldBox Mod APK (Free Shopping/Premium Unlocked) 0.9.3

WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk is a mobile author’s 2D project from Maxim Karpenko in style of god simulator, which appeared in 2018.
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Maxim Karpenko
July 25, 2021
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Download WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk

WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk is a mobile author’s 2D project from Maxim Karpenko in style of god simulator, which appeared in 2018. Here you can create your own unique planet, forming and placing continental zones at will, choosing flora and fauna. In addition to animal ecosystem, you can create intelligent life with option to choose path of civilization development. Do you want to try on the role of almighty god? Now you have such an opportunity. By the way, if you like large-scale simulations, you can also try Mafia City

WorldBox Sandbox Mod Apk


WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk

Despite the global popularity of WorldBox, we would still like to show its main features.


Choose the size of land, number of islands, ocean level and presence of random life forms. Based on the selected parameters, you can simulate a random world. Designing the face of your planet, WorldBox allows you to select the depth of waters near the coastline, therefore creating opportunities for shipping and seafaring. Choose landscape and climate to constructs deserts, areas with fertile soil, forests, rivers and lakes or mountains. If the gamer did not like his own creation, it is always possible to generate another map.


In order to use natural or manufactured disasters, you need to go to the Forces of Mass Destruction section. In addition, actions selected in Laws icon can help regulate interaction of countries, peoples and representatives of animal world. Foreign policy of the formed states and behavior of animals depend only on the player. Path of peaceful progress launches benevolent relations between neighboring countries and the development of colonies. Disabling the peaceful coexistence feature in WorldBox triggers a branch of aggression.


Use your powers to populate lands with humans, orcs, dwarves and wood elves. Each of civilizations has its own characteristics and preferences. In order to establish a settlement, it is enough to place several representatives of creatures in chosen place. Use functions that define boundaries of cities and countries. Settlements live own lives and this does not require player intervention. If you zoom in the map, you can see how people cut trees, build houses and roads, while dwarves mine ore, erect dwellings and elves build amazing buildings or cultivate fields. However, it is impossible without fauna. Populate continents with birds, animals and send fish into water and insects into air.


Get a huge set of tools in your arsenal, both fictional and related to natural phenomena. WorldBox allows you to send acid rains, atomic bombs to your subjects or create unique underground worms. Watch how little people fight all cataclysms and various animals. At first, one bear will be enough to carve out half a village. Nevertheless, your test subjects rapidly develop and increase level of their technology.


Considering that WorldBox features 2D graphics, there is nothing to talk about drawing details, rendering, music and so on. In fact, we have a pixel game that contains many functions and possible to run on almost any device and this is its main trump card.

WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Apk

We present to your attention a mod for WorldBox, which allows you to access premium features of the game free. Now you have any restrictions, so just follow the development of your worlds without denying yourself anything.

Our team has tested free shopping mod for WorldBox and can confirm its full functionality. The first time you start the game, you can easily unlock premium and open access to numerous functions. Now your gameplay only becomes more interesting and exciting. We also checked the game’s installation file for safety using antivirus app. Test results did not reveal any problems.

First, you need to start from creation of your world. Create elementary living organisms and fill the land with various animals. There is also an option in WorldBox to somehow diversify generated world and add specific creatures. For example, it can be goblins, orcs and other monsters. However, what will happen next? You just have to observe from a bird’s eye view and follow the development of events.

Since the user is in god mode, he can create a variety of civilizations. Some civilizations can obtain special abilities. However, do not overdo it in this regard, since one race of creatures will willingly begin to conflict with others. Create new organisms to develop for long time existing gradually.

You can also contemplate global cataclysms: volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, hurricanes and nuclear explosions that can destroy all living things in a second. Player can allow destruction of world created by his own hands or prevent catastrophe that does not depend on the inhabitants. Do you want to experience god mode? It is worth trying to play WorldBox on your device.


WorldBox is well suited for users inclined to a calm and contemplative pastime. This entertaining game allows you to observe unique world, created by your own hands. See how people and elves build cities and how fauna and vegetation evolve. You are even able to observe interaction of different races in society. Do you want to create a unique and one-of-a-kind digital world? What are you waiting for?

What's new

v0.7.2 - Worms in Pipinos
- new languages: Tagalog and Georgian
- new worms logic
- smarter ships
- fixes for crabs
- divine light will heal skin burns
- invisible units
- units with shield inside lava
- boats will flee attackers

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