NetShare Mod Apk v3.2 (PRO Unlocked)

Download NetShare Mod Apk is a lite version of NetShare but the main difference is that NetShare + work on rooted devices to support devices
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July 15, 2021
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NetShare Mod Apk v3.2 (PRO Unlocked) Hacked & Cracked Version App

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Download NetShare Mod Apk

Download NetShare Mod Apk is a lite version of NetShare but the main difference is that NetShare + work on rooted devices to support devices not supported in the original NetShare app like ps4, xbox.. and also provide full internet access to non-android devices like iPhone, iPad, pc.. so streaming apps can access the internet.

NetShare Mod Apk

NetShare Mod Apk

In this article, I will introduce to you NetShare, a tethering application that keeps your other devices connected to the Internet via 4G. But before that, what is tethering? And how does Hotspot work for everyone? All smartphone devices today always have Hotspot technology, which helps devices transmit Wifi to other users nearby. However, the condition is that they must have 3G / 4G data to operate, and its speed will be dispersed, causing the Internet speed to be significantly reduced. Tethering works similarly to Hotspot, but it is connected directly to computers via USB cable, and that way will also make the transmission more stable than ever. In short, Tethering and Hotspot are a type of technology that helps users’ devices access the Internet through their phones by 4G data or other users’ wifi.

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NetShare has a similar technology structure to Hotspot, but gives users more attractive benefits, as well as helps them have a more stable connection when connecting wirelessly. With this application, users can securely broadcast Hotspot without being detected by other users, even create a private tunnel with passwords and random link codes. If the user wants to connect to the Hotspot of the device, simply enter the Hotspot name and password provided, and they will have an endless Wifi coming from their phone.


NetShare is an application that works similarly to the default Hotspot technology of smartphones so that it will have a simple interface and no personalization features for users. Its interface is designed like a normal listing, and it will present all the features of the app to the user. It also helps the user needn’t be complicated to navigate the application’s features. Moreover, the app will give users two options to choose the main color for the interface, light mode, and dark mode, as well as change the font and more for easy reference in the application. Everything that the user needs while creating Hotspot or Tethering is available at the home page of the application. A simple interface, not complicated, and containing all the features in one place is what the user needs.


The Hotspot is an advanced technology, but when activated, it is easily discovered by other users, although users can set a password for their Hotspot. However, when using “NetShare,” users are free to change their Hotspot status, like hidden or public, and even enable passwords for them. The app will automatically generate passwords and even a simple name for others to connect with easily. With “NetShare,” users can work more efficiently in public and don’t have to worry about being exposed when Hotspot is being activated. Even the connection will be guaranteed, and users will have the best user experience with the only Hotspot. No Wifi but got some 4G Data? Then “NetShare” got you covered.


If your laptop needs to work with the Internet, the Tethering feature will be a more suitable choice when connecting to Hotspot. Tethering will focus the entire Internet connection and speed to a single target, whether wired or using a USB port. Also, when Tethering, the user must install NetShare Apk on the laptop, then enter the link and password to start the Tethering process. User 4G data may limit transfer speed and capacity, but Tethering will remove those limits, helping users to work with the highest capability possible. Everything will be great if the user has substantial 4G data and can use it for a long time.


You don’t have 4G data, and want to access the Internet? Then NetShare Apk is ready to help you bypass all nearby Hotspots. However, the application cannot bypass Wifi modems, as they have better security. For the Hotspot coming from the crowd, users can search, choose the Hotspot with the most stable connection, and connect. If Hotspot has a password block, the application will automatically bypass while the other does not know it, even the user will be hidden. Conversely, if a user opens a public Hotspot, they can also check who is connecting and check the speed of the connection through the chart of the interface.


Do you feel the connection to Wifi is unstable because the distance is too far? Don’t worry, NetShare Apk will take care of that as well. The application not only helps users to use 4G to create a Hotspot but also can act as a Wifi Repeater. The connection speed will become weaker when the user is away from the Wifi router. Still, with the Wifi Repeater feature, it will strengthen, turning into a second Wifi Router for users to enjoy. Users only need to connect to the public Wifi Router and enable the Hotspot feature to increase the transmission density. Instead of using 4G to create a Hotspot, users can also use the surrounding public Wifi to create a personal Wifi router.

Download NetShare Mod Apk

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