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Higher education institutions often have complex scheduling needs with multiple buildings and even multi-campus environments. With Room booking software for schools , colleges and universities can manage their classroom spaces, dormitories, and campuses. In addition to this, higher education institutions operating multiple locations in the United States or abroad can use the DeskFlex software for the school scheduling system. Through the system, they can securely share online information with the students, faculty, and administrators. Our IT team can set up who can access the system and give different access levels so that faculty members and administrators can schedule or reserve the needed space. And then, students and faculty can check these reservations. For the most part, DeskFlex eliminates confusion, double-bookings, and lost reservations.

Classroom And Resource Scheduling

All colleges and universities share the need to schedule classes, academic areas, and meeting spaces. However, inefficient organizing can lead to double bookings, wasted classroom space, or disorganization. This is why universities and colleges turn to DeskFlex to allocate best and use resources, increase efficiency, and simultaneously lower energy consumption.