MT Manager Pro Apk Mod (VIP Unocked) 2.10.0

MT Manager Mod Apk (Final,Pro VIP) is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone
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Lin Jin Bin
June 1, 2021
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MT Manager Pro Apk Mod (VIP Unocked) 2.10.0 Hacked & Cracked Version App

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MT Manager Mod Apk (Final,Pro VIP) is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such as managing files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on

Are you looking for a tool that can help you manage your phone files well? Or are you wondering which tools you should use to assist you in editing apk for powerful? Today, I will show you the name of an application that will clear all your worries. It will help you take on the responsibility of managing and editing files or documents most neatly and reasonably possible. The app is called MT Manager mod apk , under the category of Tools and developed by the Lin Jin Bin family. This article will help you better understand MT Manager pro apk , help you choose the optimal software to serve your needs.

MT Manager Pro Mod Apk v3.0.14 Final (VIP)

MT Manager Mod Apk

This application allows you to work on your phone. It’s a potent file manager and apk editor. If you do not understand what an apk is, then I can explain: MT Manager Apk is a file format for the Android operating system, used to install software or applications that are not available on the smart mobile system. or tablet. A file is a collection of related information, encrypted and stored in external memory. Its main uses are to help you edit text, modify software, translate apps, and manage files.
The application helps you to manage files by copying, moving or deleting them. You can access the system folder if you are given Root MT manager Vip apk privilege. For ZIP files like WinRAR, you can delete, move, add, replace without decompressing or repackaging.


The app has premium features that the user should explore. It will help you in the file management process as well as help in the process of editing and upgrading apk effectively. Featured has the following features: Support portrait mode (only landscape for some locations); MT Manager Apk FTP client – is the machine running software intended for service users, linked with the server. This feature makes it possible for the client to handle some file operations, such as uploading to the server or downloading to his / her computer; change the file, or delete a file from the server.

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Besides, the application also has some other special features, such as Let’s see the VIP java code – Java is a high-level modern programming language, oriented to strong security and object. The application has the function of recording the history of your actions, making it easy for you to search. You can search in XML files or search by ID in ARSC. You can also remove and add localization or quickly move single strings to the localization you want. That is, you can change the interface and translate the content contained in the interface so that native speakers can understand and use it.


The application allows you to manipulate batches, from delete commands, move to copy or rename. MT Manager Apk The application helps you clone APK, optimize APK, encrypt APK, remove APK signature verification easily. You can also make copies and save them in .bak format. Convenient color changes are allowed in the ARSC, an application resource file containing compiled contents in a binary format, including images, strings, or other data, usually in an APK file. Besides, there are features like dex editor, ARSC editor, XML editor. Through the app, you know the current activation list, which can be accessed remotely by wifi. Moreover, the application also helps you decode and compile VIP XML with 200 different lines for free.


The application has attracted a lot of downloads due to its miraculous uses. If you are using a phone, then downloading MT Manager final apk is not tricky. Go to google play, choose the name of the app and agree to download it. Fast, right? MT Manager Apk  However, if you do not have a phone and still want to download it on your computer, you need to install additional software supporting Bluestacks!

You can experience the application by editing documents, viewing photos, listening to music. At the same time, you can preview font, executer script, and text contrast. You also easily view storage devices, FTP connections, and more.

The latest version of the application has had significant changes: changing the method of buying VIP by subscribing; Improved MT server connectivity with Amazone CloudFront; Fix bugs fixed. In particular, it gives you an algorithm for text editing that is many times more effective—wishing you a successful app download and enjoyable experience!

MT Manager Mod Apk

What's new

- APK signature adds V2 signature scheme (can improve APK installation speed)
- Increase Dex Confusion Countermeasure (VIP)
- Added terminal emulator function (side pull bar - tool)
- Script executor instead uses terminal emulator to execute script
- Script executor supports selecting whether to execute scripts with root privileges
- Support for modifying system files in VMOS
- Supports direct editing of compressed files in the system directory
- Dex repair function supports repairing dex files whose Magic headers are erased
- When viewing the image and returning, the checked image is changed from marked to selected
- The text editor will highlight another parenthesis if it is a parenthesis at the cursor
- Fixed apk can not extract to external memory card problem
- Fix some rar files after opening and flashback problem
- Fixed rar file in Solid format could not be unzipped
- Fixed an issue where the system directory could not be mounted in the new Magisk
- Fix the problem of file name highlighting after saving two files after extracting the file