Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk (Immortality/Damage) 1.3.20

Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk The beautiful and brightly world of Harmonia was a land to live of Mortal races including Human, Undead, Orc
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July 25, 2021
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Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk (Immortality/Damage) 1.3.20 Hacked & Cracked Version App

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Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk The beautiful and brightly world of Harmonia was a land to live of Mortal races including Human, Undead, Orc, Spirit, Dwarf, Beast man, Elf, etc. But then one day, when deep desires arose, a tragedy struck that made everything in vain darkness, irony just because of a Guilty Favor.

Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk

Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk

There are countless different reasons why an apocalypse could happen, like a zombie pandemic, a natural or human-made disaster, and many more. But they all have one thing in common, the number of humans alive on the planet is very low, and there will always be someone looking for a way to restore the world. Although there are many reasons, have you ever seen the end of the world because of grace? Many people will wonder how grace can destroy all mankind? If you have any questions, the game Shadow Knight Premium Apk will help you answer that question. The game has a lot of new things and offers unique experiences for players.


The story of the game takes place in a fictional world called Harmonia; this used to be a beautiful world, and a lot of inhabitants live. In this world, many different races are living together, such as Human, Undead, Orc, Spirit, Dwarf. Unlike in other worlds, the races of this world always cooperate in developing and becoming more and more prosperous. But it was over since an event took place and led to the end of the world.

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An event that summoned demons from another world to destroy them all. There is only one person who can save them all, and that is Shadow Knight, a warrior with enough power to end it all. Shadow Knight Premium Apk That person is you, who becomes a powerful Shadow Knight premium Apk to save this world. This journey will be difficult, but all of it will not be enough to stop your steps.

Warriors carry the power of darkness

Not only has one person carry the responsibility of becoming a warrior, but in the game, there are many different heroes for players to use. Each character will have another weapon and skill for players to fight. Some people use swords with powerful melee skills, but some people use guns to fight at a long distance. Shadow Knight Premium Apk Each warrior has different characteristics and fighting ability, but all have the same purpose of fighting. But players need to fight and collect money to be able to unlock new warriors, which will give the player a lot of benefits.

Combining many warriors

The combat journey this time is a difficult one, so it will be challenging to do it alone. So in the game, when the player has unlocked two or more characters, you can use up to two people to fight. However, the player cannot use both at the same time but will have to use them in turn to fight. Shadow Knight Premium Apk Depending on the different circumstances, the player can make the most accurate choices to fight. This will bring a lot of benefits to help players complete the game. There are many combinations for players to use, be it a melee fighter and a long-range warrior to support each other.

Collect weapons

Besides fighting to collect EXP to level up and become stronger, there is another way that is to find powerful equipment. In the process that the player fights, when the monsters die, there will be a chance of dropping powerful equipment. The player can use them to become stronger and fight monsters of higher levels. Shadow Knight Premium Apk Besides, there is another way for players to find weapons that players can use the money to unlock chests in the store. This way will give players a lot of good equipment, but they will cost you a lot of money.

Complete the mission

If the player wants to earn a lot, there is a way, that is to complete the daily tasks assigned. Each day there will be a lot of assigned tasks for you to complete and get a lot of money. With that money, players can upgrade and purchase a lot of equipment to continue their fighting journey. But this way will take the player a lot of time to complete it all.

Download Shadow Knight Premium Mod Apk

What's new

- Add 1$ bundle to the weekly event
- Displays the min-max index of opt-in items.
- Prepare for Lunar New Year and Valentine Event